The Bama Plan

It makes sense to keep up with educational expenses the way students keep up with class work: at regularly scheduled intervals.

The University of Alabama offers a way to pay basic annual University expenses in 10 manageable monthly installments through the BAMA Plan.  You pay only a $40 annual participation fee for BAMA Plan convenience – no interest charges.

With the BAMA Plan, monthly payments can be deducted automatically from your checking account, eliminating the need to write and mail checks every few weeks.  You will also be assured that your payments are received on time.  You can also choose to be billed directly for each BAMA Plan monthly payment.  The first payment is due June 1, for those who apply on time for the BAMA Plan.  Late application is possible with a larger initial payment through July 1.

The last day to sign up for the BAMA Plan for Fall 2015 will be July 17, 2015. If changes are needed to the contract after new tuition rates are determined, the last day to make those changes will be July 17, 2015.

The last day to sign up for the BAMA Plan or make changes for Spring 2016 contracts will be November 18, 2015.

You can contact ECSI, Inc. on or before these dates to make changes.

If you choose the BAMA Plan, you contract with The University of Alabama to pay an agreed-upon amount in 10 equal installments.  The amount you contracted for will be divided between the two semesters, and deducted from the amount due on your University of Alabama student account.  The BAMA Plan is administered by ECSI, Inc., an education finance company.

What the BAMA Plan Covers

You can use the BAMA Plan to pay for all or part of the tuition, college/course fees, residence hall room charges (includes rent, utilities, basic cable television, high speed Internet, and local phone service), Dining Dollars, and campus meal plan (less financial aid, loans, and scholarships) for the fall and spring semesters.  Charges incurred for the summer term cannot be paid with the BAMA Plan.

Signing up for the BAMA Plan and making payments toward anticipated registration expenses does not assure or affect class enrollment, dorm assignments, or meal plan purchases. Students must apply for dorm assignments through Housing and Residential Communities , for meal plans through Bama Dining Service, enroll for classes in accordance with Office of Academic Records and University Registrar procedures, and confirm the enrollment in accordance with Student Receivables Office procedures. Meal plan contracts must be completed and returned to Bama Dining by specified deadlines to be added to the student’s registration bill.

How the BAMA Plan Works

Students will access their University of Alabama student account at myBama to see Fall 2015 activity beginning July 20, 2015; and for Spring 2016 financial activity beginning November 23, 2015.  Paper bills will not be mailed. Instead, student’s will be notified via email when to access their bills on the web and of the payment deadline for each billing period.

The semester’s Bama Plan amount will be reflected on the myBama student account and will reduce the amount due.  Any remaining balance due reflected on the student’s myBama account should be paid in full to the University by August 7, 2015 for Fall 2015 Semester and December 11, 2015 for Spring 2016 to confirm enrollment and avoid cancellation of the student’s class schedule.

Students will access their UA student account at myBama throughout the term  to view additional charges incurred during the course of the semester (parking fines, pharmacy charges, etc.) and  to see due dates.

Joining the BAMA Plan is simple

You may visit and enroll on line or request an enrollment form.

You may also use the Estimated Costs below before going online to The deadline is June 1, for on-time application, including initial payment. Subsequent monthly payments are due on the 1st day of each month, beginning in July and continuing through March.

Estimated Costs Payable with the BAMA Plan

IF You….

Receive an award or adjustment of financial aid, loan, and/or scholarship after your initial enrollment, you must contact ECSI, Inc. to adjust or cancel your BAMA Plan contract by the deadline. These credits will be applied to the student account and the BAMA Plan adjusted accordingly before refunds will be issued.

Withdraw from the University, the established refund policy described in University Schedule of Classes and Information Guide under the Withdrawal Section will be followed. Before any refunds are issued, all financial obligations to The University of Alabama must be satisfied.

Change financial institutions, you must notify ECSI, Inc. 30 days in advance or your next scheduled bank draft in order for BAMA Plan automatic bank drafts to continue uninterrupted.

Have insufficient funds in the designated account, a handling fee is charged to you each time your payment cannot be processed due to insufficient funds.

Do not make timely scheduled payments to ECSI, Inc., your account is subject to a ECSI, Inc. late fee in addition to University delinquent charges (see Other Fees and Expenses).

Have a delinquent account, you may be removed from the BAMA Plan and may be assessed penalties by The University of Alabama, including late payment fees, holding of transcripts, and/or withdrawal from the University. See the University Schedule of Classes and Information Guide (see Delinquent Accounts) for further information.

How to contact ECSI, Inc.

The University of Alabama
181 Montour Run Rd
Coraopolis, PA 15108
1-866-927-1438 (toll – free)
M-F 7:30 a.m. – 8:15 p.m. (Eastern Time)


For further information, contact The University of Alabama, Office of Student Receivables, Box 870120, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0120, (205) 348-5350 or by email at The Student Receivables Office is located in 105 Student Services Center or contact ECSI, Inc. at